By offering jewelry quality decorative items to enhance bespoke homes and luxury offices, hotels and restaurants, AlGala Lux is opening a completely new world of decoration. Italian design, artistic sensitivity, craftmanship and attention to detail are generating a new range of decorative products: Interior Jewelry.


In the Algalux collection, five major product ranges take center stage to adorn your preferred rooms with luxourious and valuable objects:

Decorative Jewelry
A collection of sculptures and decorative objects, conceived to appreciate the exclusivity of your home.

Table Jewelry
A collection full of inspiration, charm and elegance to enhance the value of table setting.

Jewelry of Light
Jewelry of Light is a lighting collection where natural weaves, gold brightness and light melt together to enchant your eyes.

Handle Jewelry
A collection of knobs and handles with unique designs, that customize with a luxurious touch your furniture.

Wall Art Jewelry
A collection of wall art objects, inspired by nature, art and culture, realized to complete your home and oce with style and elegance.

Tailor made Jewelry
High-end tailor made solutions based on proposed designs or completely conceived by you.

Jewelry Bijoux
Little precious jewels in 24 kt gold plated, available in 4 variants.

The artworks born from the creativity of Alessandro Galanti


Alessandro Galanti, AlGalaLux Founder